Feelings – WAV/MP3

by Daniel Santiago


Feelings is a song written by the Brazilian guitarist/composer Daniel Santiago with the American singer and songwriter Genevieve Artadi. The song is about our deep feelings in a modern world and is featuring some of the most representative musicians from Brazil and the USA – Genevieve Artadi, Mark Turner, Pedro Martins, Alberto Continentino & Sergio Machado.


Product Description

Feelings (Daniel Santiago / Genevieve Artadi)

Daniel Santiago – acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, synths, programming
Genevieve Artadi –vocals
Mark Turner – saxophone
Pedro Martins – synth
Alberto Continentino – bass
Sergio Machado “Plim” – drums

produced and mixed by Daniel Santiago
mastered by Dudinha

cover artwork by André Maya
video by Daniel Santiago and Valentina Santiago