Jukebox Jed and Other Songs – CD

by Bill Hangley, Jr.


Heartcore Records is pleased to announce the release of “Jukebox Jed and Other Songs,” a collection of original material by Philadelphia songwriter Bill Hangley, Jr.

An intimate and original folk journey reflecting the spirit of Heartcore Records, recorded and produced by Kurt Rosenwinkel: “When an artist is at one with what they are doing, it opens a magical door … at my apartment in Brooklyn, that door opened.”

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Product Description

  1. Sacrifice   3:14
  2. Jukebox Jed (with Kurt Rosenwinkel)   4:20
  3. Lostville III   3:04
  4. Ubu’s Blues (with Kurt Rosenwinkel)   3:49
  5. Red Dress   3:44
  6. New York by Night   3:42
  7. Good to You Blues   5:22
  8. Daddy Do Right   3:32
  9. Lonely Man   4:11
  10. Hey Juliet   5:18
  11. Time Finds Everything (with Kurt Rosenwinkel)   5:48

All songs by Bill Hangley, Jr., except “Lostville III” and “Red Dress” by Jim Bozeman, and “Time Finds Everything” by Claude Cahn

Bill Hangley, Jr. – acoustic guitar, vocals
Kurt Rosenwinkel – keyboards, bass, electric guitar, and drums on “Ubu’s Blues” and “Jukebox Jed”; backup vocals on “Time Finds Everything”
New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority – bus on “Good to You Blues”

Recorded, produced, and mastered by Kurt Rosenwinkel
Mixed by Charis Karantzas
Photos by John Singletary of Singletary Imaging, Philadelphia Pa.
Production co-ordinator Michaela Bóková

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