Searching The Continuum (CD limited edition)

by Bandit 65


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Product Description

Comprised of Kurt Rosenwinkel and Tim Motzer on guitar & electronics and Gintas Janusonis on drums, percussion, & electronics, the band embarks on deep sonic exploration replete with moments of pure and inspired improvisation.

Since its inception in 2014, Bandit 65 has toured the USA, Europe and Japan; the trio’s latest record is an amalgam of musical highlights culled from these three years of intense live performance. The album showcases the trio at its most enlightened, sophisticated and adventurous, with each master-player using the full spectrum of his sonic palette to effortlessly blend into a seamless stream of musical consciousness.

Embracing each concert as a unique moment unto itself, Rosenwinkel, Janusonis and Motzer opt to forego premeditated performance practice. For Bandit65, every show starts as a blank slate from which compositions arise and develop with free and spontaneous flow. The seven tracks on Searching the Continuum are journeys that unfold and spiral to otherworldly heights, evoking deep emotional resonances and abstract-yet-palpable moods. Rosenwinkel, Janusonis, and Motzer exhibit a rare and uncanny interconnectedness as Bandit 65. In releasing Searching the Continuum these maestros have given the world an album of ethereal beauty, sonic vistas that are truly a wonder to behold.

KURT ROSENWINKEL – guitar, voice, electronics,
TIM MOTZER – electro-acoustic guitar synth, electronics
GINTAS JANUSONIS – drums, percussion, electronics

Kurt Rosenwinkel Bandit 65 – Searching the Continuum (Heartcore Records)

  1. Inori (Stockholm)
  2. Sagrada (Madrid)
  3. Bloomer (Philadelphia)
  4. Interstellar Suite (Vienna)
  5. At the Gates (Berlin)
  6. In Time (Los Angeles)
  7. Magical (Philadelphia)