Masterclass V: Standards (MP4 + PDF + WAV)

by Kurt Rosenwinkel


A 3 hour long live streamed masterclass with Kurt Rosenwinkel focused on jazz standards. Scroll down for more info.

Feedback from participants of the previous masterclasses:
“Thank YOU!! Both classes have been life changing”
“Fantastic transmission of knowledge and passion. Thank you!”
“Still soaking it in as I will be for many years. I am sure.”

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Product Description

Standard songs are a heritage we share as Jazz musicians, a repertoire that enables us to play with anyone around the world on a moments notice. They are the context in which we can develop our aesthetic in the music, to discover our own approach and a fertile ground in which to learn about harmony, melody, form, arrangement and improvisation. In this class Kurt will share his perspective on many different Jazz Standards, and the booklet will contain guitar arrangements of these songs and discussions about how to approach them. From Ballads to Bossas, Medium swingers to up tempo burnouts- Broadway to Bebop, Monk to Wayne Shorter.

Selected Standards in this Masterclass:

1. Fall
2. Pensativa
3. Goodbye Porkpie Hat
4. Darn That Dream
5. If I Should Lose You
6. Milestones
7. Reflections
8. Invitation
9. Deep Song
10. Just One Of Those Things

The format is a 3 hour video presentation by Kurt Rosenwinkel (MP4) and other related materials such as jams (WAV/MP3), charts (PDF) and a handwritten method book (PDF).

After the purchase you will receive a PDF guide with hyperlinks to download the video and all related materials.

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