Masterclass VII: Being Kurt Rosenwinkel (MP4 + PDF + WAV)

by Kurt Rosenwinkel


A 3-hour-long video masterclass by Kurt Rosenwinkel focused on Kurt’s inspirations, influences, and his artistic progress. Featuring a bunch of exercises and playalongs!

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Feedback from the live stream of this masterclass:
“It’s hard to overstate how useful and inspirational this is.”

So creative, so brilliantly done, with humor, with humility, with compassion, love it. I guess it’s just like the music in that way

“I have loved all the MCs, but this one is my favorite. Thank you!”


Product Description

In Masterclass VII “Being Kurt Rosenwinkel”, you will take a tour through Kurt’s musical evolution from his first exposure to music to now, 52 years later. This never before seen musical autobiography will dive deep into his practice, sharing his most influential exercises throughout the years and explain how his experiences in life led him to develop the skills he has today. We will explore some key songs and give context to the life experiences that inspired them. We will experience his unique and thoughtful perspective, taken directly from his extensive personal and musical journals from that time period, and expand upon his creative evolution through his philosophical and practical musical writings.

Included in this class is a handwritten book filled to the brim with exercises as well as musical studies, songs, practice tracks, and excerpts from his personal journal entries. This musical autobiography will be the first experience of its kind ever to be released. From the graphics to the content, you can be sure that there will be surprises at every turn and information that you won’t find anywhere else. A guaranteed revelation for any would-be artist…

Find out what it’s like to BE Kurt Rosenwinkel. 

The format is a 3-hour video essay presentation by Kurt Rosenwinkel and other related materials such as play-alongs (WAV/MP3), handwritten booklet containing guitar arrangements, voicings, and exercises (PDF).

After the purchase, you will receive a PDF guide with hyperlinks to a zoom session and a dropbox folder with all related materials. The materials will be put into the folder after the class.

For any questions, please CONTACT US.

Feedback from participants of the masterclass:

“Thank YOU!! Both classes have been life-changing”
“Fantastic transmission of knowledge and passion. Thank you!”
“Still soaking it in as I will be for many years. I am sure.”

Syllabus: The very short version of what we is covered

  1. Ametricity – Ametric and Polymetric concepts (1989)
  2. Society and its Malcontents – Experience and perspectives (1989)
  3. Artistic Thoughts –  (1989)
  4. For Seminars – Exercises for technique, harmony and Improv (1989)
  5. Gear of the Year
  6. Let the river of thought flow –  (1990)
  7. Intellect and feeling in playing (1990)
  8. Concepts of beauty – Defining truths in your own impressions (1990)
  9. Ambiguity (1990)
  10. Melodic Minor (1990)
  11. Stravinsky on music (1990)
  12. Practice session (1991)
  13. Inner Pulse – The groove of every moment (1991)
  14. Tuning and mental focus – 4 exercises in listening and tuning the mind and discussions on different kinds of musical focus (1991)
  15. Joseph Campbell – Initiation rights of spiritualisation of the adult (1991)
  16. Anima Animus – A poem (1991)
  17. Subconscious “Dumb” Complex (1991)
  1. New York is Now (1991)
  2. Is the musician an Artist? (1991)
  3. Ominous feeling (1991)
  4. Intuition – The center of all things, Tunes to learn, different types of rhythm, the function of the guitar in different contexts, a list of albums to listen to (1991)
  5. You can fulfil your dreams (1992)
  6. Stormy seas (1992)
  7. Act 2 of my post school life – Where to move (1992)
  8. Rhythm and Syncopation Experiment (1992)
  9. Basic approaches to studying music (1992)
  10. Piano note patterns on the guitar – (1992)
  11. Herman Hess on Faith – (1992)
  12. Gertrud Stein on Picasso (1992)
  13. Advice from Rainer Maria Rilke (1992)
  14. Henry Miller – 2 5 1 Substitutions (1993)
  15. Picasso on Ideas (1993)
  16. Books (1993)
  17. Orient into the world of non fact (1993)
  18. Going to Barcelona (1993)
  19. Practice session (1999)
  20. Heart Knowledge (1999)
  21. Elements of self-reflection (1999)
  22. How to fry an egg – Writing music is like cooking (1999)
  23. My Aesthetic Quest (1999)
  24. First plan of The Next Step (1999)
  25. Einstein on Artists and scientists (1999)
  26. The spirits need only a medium (1999)
  27. Does art have a moral purpose? (1999)
  28. Games in the rain (1999)
  29. Under it, all – There is your true heart (1999)
  30. Practice session (2000)
  31. Accepting form and creation – (2000)
  32. Now is the time to retire old habits (2000)
  33. The next step original docs (2000)
  34. More Heartcore Esoteric (2002)
  1. New York City VS Zurich (2004)
  2. Standard song list (2004)
  3. Quotes from Paul Bley – Duke, Wayne, Kurt (2005)
  4. Gear of the year
  5. Language junkyard (2012)
  6. Star of Jupiter dream (2012)
  7. E harmonic Minor discussion
  8. Experiments in Improvisation
  9. Rhythm and Syncopation Experiment


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