Skylight – CD

by Nicola Andrioli


January 14th 2022

Skylight is an imagined reality and a window into the outside world. It’s an album that combines the rhythmic immediacy of fusion with atmospheric explorations on the flexibility of piano and keyboard instruments in contemporary jazz.

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Product Description

Skylight represents the window that joins two emotional dimensions: the duality between the inner reality and the projection of it outside, under the appearance of a dream.

Nicola Andrioli – piano, fender rhodes, analog synths
Stéphane Galland – drums
Federico Pecoraro – electric bass
Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar

1. Bright Spark (ft. Kurt Rosenwinkel) 7:12
2. For Rico 3:29
3. Riders 4:27
4. Foxes in the Night (ft. Kurt Rosenwinkel) 7:36
5. Skylight 7:20
6. Espresso 5:47
7. Tom’s Garden (ft. Kurt Rosenwinkel) 6:08
8. Moon 6:42

All music composed and arranged by Nicola Andrioli

Produced by Nicola Andrioli
Recorded at JET STUDIO, Brussels 2021
Mixed and mastered by Rudy Coclet, Brussels 2021
Artwork and design by Pedro Araújo
Production coordinator Michaela Bóková
Released on Heartcore Records, Berlin 2022