by Pedro Martins


Thirteen jazz-inflected Brazilian rock songs on “Vox” result from a two year long recording, writing, and production process between Martins and luminary jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel.

Vox features Martin’s prolific multi instrumental capacities; On this record he plays guitar, piano/synths, bass, drums, percussion, flute and sings in a beautiful seraphic falsetto. He is also the principle composer, arranger, and wrote most of the lyrics on the record. All together, VOX is a deeply personal and complex journey where the listener is invited to join Martins in his wonderful world of sound and story.

“This album is like a book of stories that happened in my life, and what you can hear there is actually my inner voice narrating those stories through the medium of music”​says Pedro Martins whose album“VOX” (The Voice) will be out February 8th, 2019 on Heartcore Records.

The album features Kurt Rosenwinkel, Brad Mehldau, Chris Potter, Kyle Crane, Frederico Heliodoro, Antonio Loureiro and Oscar Azevedo.

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A1   Esqueça (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)
A2   Horizonte
A3   Faces (feat. Chris Potter)
A4   Nova Maneira
A5   B Side
B1   Vida
B2   K7 Dreams
B3   Origem (feat. Brad Mehldau)
B4   Sertão Profundo (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)
B5   Não Me Diga Não (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)

Catalog number: HCR04


Pedro Martins : guitars, voice, piano/synths, bass, drums, percussion, flute, lyrics, songwriting and arrangements
Kurt Rosenwinkel : guitar (esqueça, sertão profundo, verdade, não me diga não), voice (esqueça, sertão profundo), percussion (origem)
Antônio Loureiro : drums (sertão profundo, verdade (R), horizonte, vênus 13, nova maneira), percussion (sertão profundo, origem, vênus 13), voice (sertão profundo), lyrics (vênus 13)
Frederico Heliodoro : bass (sertão profundo, vênus 13, origem, nova maneira), voice (sertão profundo)
Brad Mehldau : piano (origem)
Chris Potter : tenor saxophone (faces)
Kyle Crane : drums (esqueça)
Oscar Azevedo : voice (não me diga não)
Produced by Kurt Rosenwinkel and Pedro Martins
co-produced by Paul Stacey.
track “b side” co-produced by Jake Smith
mixed by Paul Stacey at Strangeways Studios
mastered by Glenn Schick
artwork by Felipe Cavalcante and Gabriel Menezes
cover photo by Michaela Bóková

Lyrics for “Nova Maneira” and “Horizonte” – Fernando Anitelli
Lyrics for “Sertão Profundo” – Dani Black
Lyrics for “Venus 13” – Antonio Loureiro
Lyrics for  “K7 Dreams” and “Esqueça” – Paulo Ohana

Recorded at:
Balik Farm Studios – Ebersol, Switzerland. Engineered by Alexandre Bolle
Vox Studio – Brasília, Brazil
Heartcore Studios – Berlin, Germany
Record Plant studios – Los Angeles, USA. Engineered by Henrique Reis

special thanks: Ozonia Martins, Oscar Azevedo, Diego Pacheco, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Eric Clapton, Paul Stacey, Frederico Heliodoro, Antônio Loureiro, Brad Mehldau, Chris Potter, Kyle Crane, Daniel Santiago, Jake Smith, Henrique Reis, Fernando Anitelli, Ana Letícia, Felipe Viegas, Renato Galvão, Eduardo Canavezes, Eduardo Belo, Genevieve Artadi, Victoria León, Michaela Bóková, Gunnar Gentzsch, Skylee Jeffrey, André Magalhães, Hamilton de Holanda, Marcos Portinari, Yaron Herman, Dani Black, Paulo Ohana, Beto Guedes, Toninho Horta, Milton Nascimento, all people from Montreux jazz Academy and all the followers of Pedros work from all around the world.

Released on Heartcore Records, 2019