Shedding with Kurt 2

by Kurt Rosenwinkel


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Product Description

“Shedding with Kurt 2” video includes eight chapters where Kurt Rosenwinkel explores the world of the six strings with various exercises across the guitar neck. The video includes rhythmically challenging brain workouts,  exercises on chords, scales and much more. Kurt demonstrates a creative way of preparing an effective guitar exercise for yourself and leads you through his own creative process.

Besides Kurt’s personal insight into each of the problematics, Kurt plays all the exercises in real-time, so you can play along with him in different rhythms and tempos. The video features animated visualizations that explain the techniques and their different aspects.

The format is a 2-hour video presentation by Kurt Rosenwinkel (MP4).

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Syncopation and Cross Rhythms
Chapter 2: Triads
Chapter 3: Triad Combination
Chapter 4: Symmetrical Diminished Pattern
Chapter 5: Chromatic Scale Variation
Chapter 6: G-minor in Positions
Chapter 7: Ask Yourself
Chapter 8: Cadencing II – V

*After the purchase, you will receive a PDF guide with hyperlinks to download the videos in full length or as individual chapters.