This Secret Cay – LP

by Sun Dew


This project is an international combination of 6 young musicians coming from diverse musical backgrounds. Co-leaders Héloïse Lefebvre and Paul Audoynaud discovered a fertile breeding ground in Berlin for Sun Dew, whose features, like the plant, are as striking as they are bewitching.

After the release of their critically acclaimed debut in 2017 on french label Laborie Jazz (rated “Revelation” by Jazz Magazine), the two French musicians announce a new collaboration with Heartcore Records (founded by iconic guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel) and the release of a new EP called “This Secret Cay” on September 14th, 2018.

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Product Description



1) This Secret Cay
2) Sharxxx
3) Mighty Orinoco
4) Noodle Fish
5) Land in sight!
6) Sea Shepard

Héloïse Lefebvre (FR) violin, compositions
Paul Audoynaud (FR) guitars, compositions
Liron Yariv (IL) cello
Johannes von Ballestrem (DE) piano, Fender Rhodes
Paul Santner (AT) bass
Christian Tschuggnall (AT) drums, Lap-steel guitar