The Chopin Project – WAV/MP3

by Jean-Paul Brodbeck, Kurt Rosenwinkel


Kurt Rosenwinkel – Guitar
Jean-Paul Brodbeck – Piano
Lukas Traxel – Acoustic Bass
Jorge Rossy – Drums

Legendary jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel and acclaimed Swiss pianist Jean-Paul Brodbeck join forces on The Chopin Project, a historic collaboration which finds them reinterpreting the music of Chopin for jazz quartet. Rosenwinkel and Brodbeck are joined by Lukas Traxel on bass, who plays in the Jean-Paul Brodbeck Trio, and Jorge Rossy, a stalwart member of the Spanish and American jazz communities.
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Product Description

Kurt Rosenwinkel & Jean-Paul Brodbeck – The Chopin Project

  1. Étude in E-flat minor (Op. 10, No. 6)
  2. Prélude in E-flat minor (Op. 28, No. 14)
  3. ‘Raindrop’ Prélude in D-flat major (Op. 28, No. 15)
  4. Valse in C-sharp minor (Op. 64, No. 2)
  5. Prélude in C major (Op. 28, No. 1)
  6. Nouvelle Étude in A-flat major (No. 2)
  7. Prélude in B minor (Op. 28, No. 6)
  8. Nocturne in C-sharp minor (Op. 27, No. 1)
  9. Prélude in A minor (Op. 28, No. 2)
  10. Prélude in E major (Op. 28, No. 9)
  11. Bonus track: Mazurka in F minor (Op. 68 No. 4)

Produced by Jean-Paul Brodbeck
All original compositions written by Frédéric Chopin
All arrangements written by Jean-Paul Brodbeck 

Recorded at Hardstudios in Winterthur, Switzerland, 2021
Recording engineer Daniel Dettwiler
Recording assistant Daniel Miska

Mixed at Idee und Klang Studio in Basel, Switzerland, 2021
Mixing engineer Daniel Dettwiler
Mastered by Glenn Schick, 2022

Artwork photo by Tobias Stahel at Miller’s Studio
Set design by Cornelia Koch
Graphic design by Vojta Drnek and Michaela Bóková

Production coordinator Michaela Bóková
Supported by Stadt Zürich Kultur
Released on Heartcore Records, 2022